The Joy of Voting

I’m not normally this excited on Election Day, but this year is a little different.  This is the first year I get to take my little guy to the polls to show him one of the ways we get to participate in our democracy. I want to instill in him early the importance of having your voice heard. How exciting for all of us!


While it may not be a huge election in New York – we have the mayoral election, as well as a bunch of other city-wide positions to be filled, and 3 ballot proposals, all of which you can find out about in the Official NYC Voter Guide– our local elected officials are just as (if not more) important to select carefully, so educate yourself before heading to the polls!

Also, if you need help finding your polling place, check out the official NYC Board of Elections Poll Finder to find out where to go. 


Finally, if you have kids, talk to them about the election, who you’re voting for and why, and how awesome it is to live in a place where we have a say in how our country is run.  Make sure to encourage your family and friends to get out and have their voices heard.  

Happy Election Day everyone!

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