Before I get started on this post, I wanted to share something funny and kind of great that happened Election night. We were able to take our little guy to the polls to witness us casting our ballots. He was actually really excited about it and was even more excited about the stickers he got. At some point in the middle of the night, after we had all been asleep for a while, he woke up yelling (multiple times) “I need to vote mom!”. It made me laugh, and also made me think that maybe our lesson in the importance of participating in our democracy had already started to sink in. Yay!

And now, on to the topic at hand…



Some people love them, some people don’t. My birthday has generally been something I’ve looked forward to my whole life. It’s a chance to get together with the people I love and celebrate. As a kid, I loved my birthday, but I didn’t love that it was in November. We always celebrated indoors because there was never nice warm weather in November. 

Regardless of the weather, my mom always made us feel special and she made our birthdays amazing. She would organize a party with our school friends and family and plan games and activities to keep us all entertained and occupied. On a rare occasion, there might be a clown, but honestly, that entertainment was never really needed because she always had something fun for all of us to do. She would design, make and decorate a cake with our favorite cartoon characters on it, before designer cakes were the thing to do. The day was always really special and fun.


As an adult, for my birthday, I used to love to organize a dinner or get together. My birthday was really just another excuse to see the people I love and spend time with them. 

While my focus has changed since kids have entered my life (I honestly forgot that my birthday was even approaching, and only remembered because people keep asking what I am going to do to celebrate), I still look forward to theday.  Even if this year it’s extra hard to get around (toting around an 8 month brewing baby), and I barely have the energy to do everyday things, it brings me joy to know that I will be able to celebrate the day with my little, growing family.  Also, thinking back on previous birthdays and the joy they sparked has continued to spark joy for me today.

 Happy birthday to all of my November birthday buddies!  I hope the day brings you lots of joy!!

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