It’s easy to find joy in expecting a new baby – the excitement of meeting this new little person, welcoming her to the family, and seeing how her big brother is going to react.  But sometimes joy shows up in odd and unexpected places.  

Take food for example, particularly vegetables.  

Last night, I had a craving for carrots.  That’s been the healthiest craving I have had this pregnancy.  Usually I want hamburgers or ice cream, but last night it was a carrot.  So where’s the joy in that?  Well, I took a bite out of the carrot, and as I left the kitchen, I looked at my husband and said “This is the most delicious carrot I’ve ever had in my life.” My heart seemed to grow a little bigger and I felt so happy. There must be something in the hormones that come with pregnancy that changes how things taste because I distinctly remember this same euphoria while eating string beans when I was pregnant with my son.


One final joy in pregnancy is taking credit for things I really have no control over, things that just happen on their own.  When my hubby comes home from work and asks me what I did today, I can say “I made ears” or “I made part of a brain today, what did you do?” which sounds much more glamorous than “I washed dishes and then sat in a chair for a half hour while my I rested my back.”  

So yes, joy is generally easy to find during this life transition, but there are weird little places to find joy in this too.  Perhaps this might help you think about the odd little places in your life that bring you joy.  If you want to share some of those places, leave a comment below!

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