In our household, we have a weird and silly custom of throwing balled up socks at each other. My husband claimed that I started it when we first got married, so supposedly it’s my fault that this goes on. I have no recollection of starting this, but with the amount of joy it brings us, I’m okay with taking credit for being the instigator.
How does something like this start, you ask? The scenario used to go something like this: one person is deeply involved in a sedentary activity such as reading or watching TV. The other person notices, balls up his/her sock, and throws it with as much force as possible at the unsuspecting individual. The victim is caught off guard, starts laughing and immediately either throws his/her own sock, or grabs the offending sock and throws it back. This is how the sock fight happens.
Now that we have two little ones, you would think we would have stopped this. On the contrary, our son has now become involved and even throws socks at us independently. Oftentimes, I am the unsuspecting victim, sitting on the recliner while he plays with daddy in the other room. Suddenly, they both appear and I’m pelted with 4 socks (2 adult and 2 children’s), which is followed by me gathering the ammunition and throwing them back while we all laugh.
While at times the consequences can be a little annoying (realizing socks are missing when doing laundry, only to find them under the dresser), or embarrassing (having the building super find socks behind the couch – and hand them over – when coming to make repairs) the amount of joy and laughter that comes from it is well worth it. (Especially thinking about what the super must have thought – “Do these people store their socks behind the couch?”)
Do you have any weird/silly habits that bring you joy? Share them in the comments below, we promise not to judge. 😀

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