First, I just want to send out a quick Thank You to all of you who participated in my poll on Facebook to decide today’s topic. It was a close race, but decluttering won! I promise to talk about joy in crafting in an upcoming post for those who voted for that topic.
I’m starting this post like a boring college paper… According to the Cambridge Dictionary, decluttering is the act of “removing things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful.” While this isn’t the most exciting introduction, I started out this way because to me, it is the perfect definition of the word.
Decluttering is getting rid of “stuff” to make life better.
To some people, decluttering might involve going from room to room in the house and getting rid of things. However, according to Marie Kondo, in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (yes, here she is again), decluttering is:
  1. going through everything you own, by category in a specific order and deciding if it brings you joy,
  2. releasing, with gratitude, the things that don’t bring you joy,
  3. making a specific place for the things that do bring you joy.
So, it’s not shifting that stack of paper from the kitchen counter to the desk, or that pile of clothes to the back of the closet. It’s also not putting things wherever they’ll fit to “tidy up.” It’s a process in which you examine your belongings and decide if they make you happy.
In order to avoid “cluttering up” this post, I’ll talk more about other ways of decluttering and how it can affect your life in next week’s post, so stay tuned!
If anyone has specific questions about decluttering, or the KonMari method, please leave a comment below or on Facebook and I will do my best to answer! 

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