I love when my home is freshly cleaned. When the kitchen sparkles and the floors are washed. It’s not just the cleanliness that makes me happy, I realized today that the actual cleaning process brings me joy. Cleaning off countertops, vacuuming, and yes, even scrubbing a toilet makes me happy. Crazy, right?

The thing is, I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. When I’m home with the kids, on my own, there’s not a lot of free time to clean. At night, after they’re asleep, I’m usually too tired to even think about cleaning more than the dishes. Sometimes, as they’re napping, I can sneak in a quick wipe down of the bathroom, or the kitchen counters, but getting it all done in one fell-swoop is a rarity.

So when you like things clean, where is the joy in the dirt and dust? Well, when I see the dust, I think about why it has had the chance to accumulate. Kids. That’s the main reason. I don’t mean that they make it dusty, obviously. I mean that I get to spend my day with them, feeding them, comforting them, and keeping them entertained. That leaves very little time for anything else. That is why my bathroom is less than fresh sometimes. (Don’t fret, if you’re a guest here, you have a 99.9% chance that the bathroom was cleaned the night before, or the morning you were set to arrive). That is why the dust bunnies under my bed have multiplied (or is it because they breed like rabbits…).
 Now that the little guy is bigger, he’s been trying to get involved in the cleaning process. If I grab the vacuum to give the living room a once over, he grabs his toy vacuum and does the floor with me. It’s pretty cute, even when he blocks me from the spot on the rug I’m trying to clean. He loves to play with the Swiffer too, and sometimes he’ll ask for it on his own. When that happens, I take advantage of the situation, throw a cloth on the bottom and let him roam the apartment, collecting dust along the way.
Even with his help, I know a spotless apartment is not in my near future, not with 2 little ones running about. So for now, I guess I’ll learn to love the mess.

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