Out of all the rooms in our home, the kitchen currently sparks the most joy for me. I think it’s because it’s the one room where everything has settled into its own place. What I mean by that is, after finishing the KonMari method, every item in your home should have its own place. While this is true of almost everything in our home, sometimes I find that things don’t always wind up where they belong. If I find this happens consistently, then I know that that object doesn’t work in that place, and that I need to find it a new home. Which is why I am so happy in the kitchen. Things consistently get back to where they belong and it’s fairly easy to keep the kitchen neat.

For the rest of this post I’ll share some tips for organizing your kitchen from the KonMari method and also from my own trial and error.


Tip 1: Store similar items together. 

When I first completed tidying, I didn’t give a ton of thought on storing similar things together, because, generally speaking, similar things in the kitchen tend to flock together. Still, something just didn’t feel settled. I did a little bit of tweaking and now the kitchen “clicks.”

Here is an example of a drawer that felt okay at first, but “clicks” now.

Tip 2: Small containers are your friend.

I had a few small baskets that were the perfect size for corralling small items like measuring cups and spoons, as well as the kids forks and spoons. The little baskets keep similar items together and prevent them from sliding all over the drawer when you open and close it. Keep in mind, KonMarri recommends using square or rectangular containers because round containers create dead space.


Tip 3: Storing things vertically takes up “less space.”

So maybe they don’t actually take up less space, because they’re the same size regardless of how you store them. Still, if you store them vertically you will probably be able to fit more (by using the “dead space” that is created when things are stored horizontally). That’s a lot of rambling, let me show you a picture!


Tip 4: Evaluate the amount of Tupperware you actually need.

Do you really need 40 different containers? How many leftovers do you have, and if you have that many leftovers, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how much you’re cooking! I don’t have a ton of Tupperware, and I do plenty of cooking. So take some time to think about how many containers you really need. It’s okay for a cabinet to look a little empty!


Tip 5: Clear counter-tops make it easier to keep the kitchen clean.

The fewer things you have on your counter-top, the easier it is to clean. You’ll have less to move when you need to wipe things down, and everything stays cleaner if it’s stored away (no chance for it to get covered in grease and food splatter!)


Tip 6: Spark joy by lining drawers with something that makes you happy!

I lined my kitchen drawers with some liner paper that I love. Now, every time I open a drawer I get a little shot of joy!


Tip 7: If at first you don’t succeed…

Like I said earlier, it took some tweaking for things to “click” in my kitchen. When you’re done organizing, if things still don’t feel right, don’t give up! Look around and see if similar things are really together, or if there’s a way to add a little pizzazz to your space.

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