Life works in mysterious ways sometimes, or maybe it does all the time, and I’ve only just noticed. As I was preparing a plan to help a client declutter the other day, it dawned on my how my previous work (and life!) experience have all come together in my current work as a professional decluttering coach and organizer. 

Making the Impossible, Possible

Up until recently, I used to be a speech therapist. As a therapist, one of my roles was to help students learn by taking large tasks (ex. writing a story, completing a word problem) and breaking them into smaller steps. I never thought I would use this skill in decluttering! When I first start working with someone, I ask why it is that they’ve contacted me to help them with their home. One of the reasons I hear the most often is “There’s so much, I don’t know where to start.” That’s where my therapy skills kick in! Using the KonMari method, I’m able to break down an overwhelming task into small, manageable steps, thus making what seemed to be impossible, possible! 


Making Things Fit

Many of you may remember the game Tetris growing up. I had a funny experience this past week… as I was attempting to determine the correct configuration that would allow me to fit a client’s tennis racket and large dufflebag into a storage bin, I thought about how all that time playing Tetris, as a kid, had finally paid off. As silly as it sounds, I really think that because of the spatial skills I developed through various puzzle activities, I’m now better able to envision the different possibilities for different spaces in people’s homes. 

Making a Home

Decluttering is not just about getting rid of stuff. As KonMari explains, when you complete the process, your will be surrounded by only the things that bring you joy.

I know what it feels like to be in a home that is more anxiety provoking than relaxing because of the clutter. Completing the process in my own home has allowed me to bring my own personal experience to help others declutter when they’re feeling stuck. 


Judge Not…

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences talking with or dealing with people who seem to be judging your every word or action. Especially with social media today, it’s so easy to make snap judgements about others based on very little. This is why, when working with others, I am vigilant about being objective and not passing judgement on to others. Do you have a collection of used matchsticks? To each his own! Marie Kondo talks about a client who had 20,000 Q-tips in her home. When our homes are not put in order, we accumulate more than we realize. When we first moved into our apartment, I found boxes of dental floss in just about every box we unpacked. I have enough dental floss to last us years! Who am I to judge!


If you’re interested in making a change by decluttering your home, contact me at to find out how I can help you declutter your way to happiness!

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