A couple weeks ago as I was folding laundry, I had a weird experience. The only way I can describe it is that I was “in the zone.” I was focused and present and I noticed it. I just never thought it would happen while folding clothes. It was pretty cool and pretty strange.

Because of this I thought I’d share the KonMari technique to folding clothes! The idea behind it is to fold the item into a square so that it will stand vertically on its own. The height of the fold will depend on the depth of your drawer. When you put things away in the drawer, they are placed vertically (sorted by color) so you can see every item. This helps to prevent wrinkling (there are no clothes on the bottom to be smooshed) and there’s more of a chance for you to wear everything because you can SEE everything.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to fold shirts:

Keep in mind, with each fold, (regardless of the item being folded) smooth out the wrinkles and infuse your clothing with positive energy, thinking about how hard it works for you!

Here’s a short tutorial on folding pants:

Keep in mind that not all tops and bottoms are going to fold exactly this way. Because not every dresser has the same drawer depth, you may need more folds, or to adjust the size of your folds in order to have your clothes take up the depth of the drawer. Also, Konmari says that clothes will tell you how they want to be folded.  As strange as it sounds, I’ve found this to be true, a shirt or pair of pants will naturally stand when it’s been folded with the appropriate number of folds.

Here’s an example of what your drawer might look like:

Stay tuned for my tutorials on folding baby clothes and fitted sheets! 

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