Like a lot of people, I have some things I am good at, and some things that I’m not so good at. Drawing is one of those things that I’m pretty bad at.

Fortunately for me, my son likes to draw, unfortunately for me he likes to have people draw things for him. So, even though I’m really bad at it, I draw. And I find joy in it.

Drawings from the “Book of Accomplishments” I made for my husband

Of course there’s the joy of doing something for the little guy that he likes. He has no idea that mommy’s stick figures look exactly like the ones he’ll be drawing in a couple of years. They just make him happy. Who wouldn’t find joy in that??

Still, there’s another source of joy besides this. There’s the joy in providing an enormous source of entertainment to my husband. He loves to laugh at my drawings, not in a malicious way, he just finds them ridiculous. I find joy in his entertainment and in making him laugh (though we already have a lot to laugh at). 

Much to his chagrin, he opened up his notebook at a meeting the other week, only to find that I had used it as a drawing pad when my son asked me to draw some Star Wars pictures. I got an excited text with a picture of the drawing. I could practically hear him laughing through the text. 

Can you figure out what I drew?

So, even though I’m pretty bad at it, I will continue to draw because it brings joy to my family, and that brings me joy!

Is there something you’re not very good at that brings you joy? Share it in the comments below, we’ll cheer you on!

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