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Now, onto the business at hand. 

They say there’s no place like New York. They also say there are people in the world who attract crazy people. My husband is one of them.

We were on the train with the kids the other day when through the car a man selling tops stopped in front of us and quoted something from the Bible because the little guy was snacking on salad. 

Little did the guy know that he had stopped in front of the wrong people. Of course this was the cue for Louis to quote something back. This only made the guy quote more passages. Then Louis tried to introduce him to a new interpretation. Thing is, the guy wouldn’t let him get a word in, but Louis kept trying. They interrupted each other back and forth for what seemed like forever. I was screaming inside my head “PLEASE. STOP. TALKING.” but he wasn’t getting the message.

Next thing I know, there’s another guy from the train trying to engage the top seller. “I like the way you sell, give me your phone number.” They have a brief encounter, and that ends. I’m watching this triangle of craziness, thinking to myself, “this only happens in movies…”

Finally the guy says to Louis “I have to be careful what falls on these ears” and exits the train car because now my husband the crazy one.

I look at him and say “What made you think that was going to work?” 

He just smiled.

Another day we were walking out of Shake Shake with the baby in a sling and the little guy asleep in his stroller when we were approached by a Buddhist monk. He smiles at Louis and repeats “Peace, Peace” over and over.

He hands Louis a card and proceeds to put bracelets on our wrists. Then he hands Louis a book and has him write his name and what he wanted him to pray for. Then he asks Louis of a donation. 

Like most 21st century people, we never carry cash. Louis tells the guy “Oh man, I’m sorry I have no cash.” The guy starts bargaining with him “20” then “15” then “5” then “2 dollars,” he says. Louis repeats, “No man, I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash.” He takes everything back with a nasty look that says “I can’t believe you just wasted my time” and storms off. As he walked off Louis says “I’m keeping his peace.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t make eye contact in NYC. Please, please, please share your crazy NY stories below.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Crazy New Yorkers

  1. I cannot tell you all of the craziness
    I have encountered over my life span of 61 years.What i can say is that people have changed ME! I use to be nice and kind and i still try to be but i always expect the worst now and i usually get it!
    I like the fact that louis “kept his Peace”
    Pretty Funny.. I usually wind up going beserk and becoming the crazy person which usually works for me.I just recently
    Cursed out a neighbor and flipped him the bird, i didnt know it was him messing around since i cant see without my glasses.However i was pulling out of my block in my car inching up to see what if anything was coming and a driver that was coming threw their hands up in the air like i was doing something wrong.
    So i became the crazy person screaming.
    Later that day i receive a text saying
    That wasnt nice guving me the middle finger.Well i did say i was sorry that i didnt know it was him.you cant
    Mess with me When i know i didnt do anything wrong. So i guess i was the crazy new yorker of which you speak.

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