Joy in Having a Preschooler

This one is an easy one, you say, preschoolers are so cute! Their personalities are blossoming, they are learning to become little independent people who want to do things for themselves.

This is all true and wonderful, however, there are lots and lots of moments where I need to remind myself that there is joy to be found in every moment with a preschooler. 

Joy in the moment where he calls you into the bathroom where he has wiped with a piece of toilet paper that is so long, that when he picks it up to see if it is clean, you, and the wall, get splashed with the toilet water he’s just pooped into. 

Joy as you are dying to go to bed, but have to hunt for the banana he was running around with earlier in the day yelling “I have a bananaaaaaah!” which mysteriously disappeared but was never eaten.

Joy in rolling over at night next to your sick preschooler only to have him cough directly into your mouth while he sleeps. 

Joy in desperately wanting him to go to sleep only to find that bedtime is the perfect time for 1. Second dinner, 2. Unquenchable thirst and 3. Needing to ask why about everything possible topic from whales to digestion.

Joy in walking into the bathroom to find him with a roll of toilet paper on his arm, running it underwater, and giggling while saying “It’s so squishyyy.”

Joy in figuring out how you’re going to get all the ballpoint ink off of his arms that he calls his “tattoos.”

Joy in arguing with him about how he can’t use a Sharpie to make designs on his feet, but he keeps calmly insisting “But Mommy, I can try.”

Joy in explaining to him that his dream wasn’t real when he asks “Mommy, why did you go on a rocketship and lose me?”

Joy in moving him over in bed when you think he is sound asleep, only to get pummeled with flailing arms and legs as if he were being mauled.

Joy in attempting to call your husband into the room where the kids are sleeping by saying “psst” only to have your preschooler respond “What?”

Joy in catching your breath after being head-butted in the chest by your preschooler, who insists he’s a snow buffalo.

Joy in hearing your preschooler summon you by shouting “YO, mom!”

Joy in realizing you need to supervise your preschooler more closely in the bathroom…

Yes, there is joy to be found in these moments, if for no other reason than getting a good laugh later on. 

Please make us smile by sharing your “joyful” preschooler or toddler moments below!

2 thoughts on “Joy in Having a Preschooler

  1. All fun … memories to remember later in life.I have always kept a diary of what my kids said when they were small…
    Now i keep one for Mia. As for the toilet paper ,i have a similar picture only it was Holly( the puppy) i have to tell you this dog has done more damage than any of you kids ever did… at least you kids never ate the molding around the doorways
    Furniture corners, towels,blankets, magazines.I could go on but won’t.
    I remember being exhausted at night after a full day of toddlers Looking back it was a wonderful time.

    1. I like the idea of keeping a diary. We set up emails for them, but haven’t kept up with them as I’d like.
      I’m glad these guys aren’t as destructive as Holly, though Katie’s been trying to peel paint off of chipped corners…

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