Sometimes I have so many things I want to write about, I don’t know where to begin. Those days are great! I pick one of the topics and make a list of the others for days like today. Today I have a little case of writer’s block. 

Normally, I would just go to bed and hope a new topic would come up the next day, but being awake to write has been so rare that I wanted to keep the momentum going.

So, I picked 642 Things to Write About up off of my shelf (a book from when I was doing therapy in school and helping kids write) and said to myself “flip to a page and pick that topic.” So I did. I got ” If you could talk for an unlimited amount of time to anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you talk about?”

Oy. Honestly, it’s 1am, this one is way too involved. So I flipped some more….”Write a letter to a gopher.” Really?? Why would I ever do that? Ok, one more time…. “A man lives up in a tree and you never see him because he’s hidden in the leaves. One day a ladder comes down and he invites you to join him for lunch. What happens next?” Umm… the dude lives in a tree… I keep on walking, I don’t talk to strangers.

I give it one last try… this was the one!

“If you could be any kind of junk food, which would you be, and why? Who would your junk food friends be? How would you defend yourself from being eaten by hungry humans?” This was totally worth the $17 I paid for this book. Ah.Maz.Ing. Here it goes….

If I were a junk food, I would be a potato chip. It’s  not my favorite junk food, there’s just something about being this perfectly shaped chip (like a Pringle, but I’m greasy like a real potato chip) with tiny arms and legs sporting a baseball cap that makes me so happy.

My BFF is Toots E. Roll, she’s sweet to my salty. 

My arch nemesis is the pretzel. He pretends to be healthy because he’s baked, but we all know he’s just another empty carb.

My defense is simple – I run, hoping that the folks who want to eat me are not in the best shape and so if they have to chase me they’ll either be too winded to eat me, or they’ll just let me go because there are other chips who are easier to eat. 

So there you have it… the end of my write’s block for the night! Hope you enjoyed it!

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