As a kid, I loved Halloween. I mean who wouldn’t? You get to dress up and get candy!

I remember going to places like Woolworth’s with my mom and sister and looking through the cellophane windowed boxes of costumes looking for my favorite character of the year. We’d take the little rectangular box home and anxiously await Halloween, when we could pop it open and put on the plastic mask and apron. I can’t even imagine what kind of BPA, PVC and other toxic chemicals were probably in those costumes. All I know is we’d walk around in them, breathing through the tiny nose and mouth holes in the mask that would get all soggy with our breath. I always thought that was kind of gross, but it didn’t stop me from wearing it!

The only thing that could make the day disappointing was if it was too cold to go without a coat and we would be forced to wear them over our costumes. Even with that, it was so exciting to get home with our plastic bags filled with candy, dumping them out to see what we got. We’d sort through it, never eating any until mom checked it. There was always candy corn (ick!) and a stash of random pennies from the house that you know thought that was better than candy (or they just forgot it was Halloween). 

As an adult, I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. You can’t go trick-or-treating and there’s so much pressure to have a clever costume. I remember even in high school when we’d all dress up that I was really over it all. There was the concern of getting egged (do kids still do that?) or having a pumpkin thrown at you, and it just wasn’t fun anymore. 

As a parent, I have to say that Halloween has become fun again. Mostly because the little guy loves everything about it. This year, we made our own Halloween decorations, including his and her hipster skeletons on our front door. We get to pick out cute costumes – this year the baby will be Wonder Woman (a no-brainer) and the little guy is a guy riding a dinosaur. The hubby is using this Halloween to get the banana costume he’s always wanted. I’m going to be lazy and throw on my mouse ear headband and call it a day. 

We’ll meet up with cousins and friends and go trick-or-treating as a group. It’s too cute to see how excited they all get. So, while I don’t have the same wonder about Halloween as an adult, I am really excited to see the joy on all the kids faces. Not to mention the mommy and daddy tax for checking through all the candy. 

Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween everyone!

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