The Joy of a Stubbed Toe

A couple of weeks ago, we moved my son’s crib (now converted toddler bed) into our bedroom to get him used to sleeping in his own bed.  He actually slept alone in his own bed for the first time the day before his sister was born.  It was really exciting for all of us.  He was excited for his “big boy bed” and I was excited to get a good night’s sleep (as good a night’s sleep as one can get 9 months pregnant).
Bringing his bed into our bedroom significantly reduced the amount of space we have to navigate the room, and now that Katie is home, her bassinet takes up more of the limited space we have.  What to do?  We decided to replace our dresser with a small chest of drawers that would fit in our closet, which would fit our clothes since KonMari-ing them.  (I know this isn’t all that exciting, but bear with me…)
During the kids’ nap yesterday we realized that the chest of drawers in the kids’ room should fit in our closet.  It was just the right size to fit in the space we had.  And so the furniture transition began.

Louis took down the shelves in the closet, took out the drawers from the chest of drawers and started dragging the chest from the kids room to our bedroom.  As he got to the entrance to our bedroom, I innocently said “You’re not scratching the floor, are you?”  To which he responded “Nooo?”  The next thing I know, his big toe is bleeding, and he whispering curse words as he hobbles inside the closet so that he won’t wake up the kids.

He then looks at me and says “Why couldn’t you just let me do what I was doing?  You asked about the floor, and I tried to pick up the chest so I wouldn’t scrape the floor and I busted my toe because of you.”  I responded with “Oh, this is my fault?!” and thought to myself what he did was something I totally would have done in a heartbeat…. blame him for my own error. I cracked up, but he didn’t find anything about the situation funny.
After mopping the spots of blood up off the floor, he continued working, only to realize that the left wall holding up the shelves in the closet was completely uneven and that the bottom of the chest wouldn’t fit in the space he (and I) had measured at least 4 times.  He pushed and shoved it, determined to make this monstrosity fit in this abnormal space.  When he looked defeated and the dresser was sticking halfway out of the closet and halfway in, I looked at him and said “It looks fine like that! Just leave it.” and shot him a stupid-looking grin.  We both laughed, and the tension broke…


Speaking of broke…. in order to get the chest to fit in the closet (which he did eventually do after a couple of hours), he began dismantling cosmetic portions of the dresser.  Off came the laminate top (or at least a portion of it.)  As he chipped away, he realized he had made a hole in the top. He looked at me and said “You wanted to be able to see in the drawer without opening it, right?” Indeed I did….


As he took pieces of the dresser off, he would say to me “I’m going to take off xyz, are you okay with that?”  I’d say “Sure, that way we won’t have to wait until Friday to throw it out, you’ll be able to tie it up and throw it in the garbage today.” As he broke off piece after piece, we kept saying to each other “We’re committed to getting new furniture, right?”

Finally, after one good shove, the chest went in the space, albeit at an angle, with a gaping hole between the top of the dresser and the top drawer.  On the positive side, I can put things in that drawer without opening it!  Amazingly, I noticed today too that the front feet of the chest are nowhere near the floor. I’m guessing it’s staying upright because it’s jammed so far that the wall is holding it up.
So where’s the joy in this makeshift furniture arrangement?  Where isn’t the joy really? I look at this wonky piece of furniture in the closet and I can’t help but laugh, thinking about how it wound up there. Plus, I keep discovering little secrets about it (like the magical floating front feet).  I also love the fact that something that could have been stressful and very frustrating turned into one joke after another.  What stressful moments in your life turned into something entertaining?  Share it in the comments below!

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