Money as a Path to Joy

The title of this post might cause you to think that I’m saying that money brings happiness. While this might be true for some, that’s not the message I’m going for. On the contrary, for some, money can do quite the opposite, causing anxiety, worry, and fear. These feelings are not unique to those who have little material resources. They are also felt by those who are materially wealthy, perhaps because they want to hold onto what they have, or because they feel that they still don’t have enough. Regardless of who you are and how much you have, money may evoke a strong feeling in you.

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So, how can money be a source of joy, rather than a source of anxiety? In The Soul of Money: Transforming your Relationship with Money and Life Lynne Twist discusses how money can be a path to spiritual awakening depending on your perspective about money, how much power you give it, and whether or not you use it in a way that aligns with your life’s purpose. There was a key thing that stuck with me after reading the book. Money can be used in alignment with your soul in order to express who you are. What on earth does that mean? Those are some fluffy words and ideas.  

I’m going to go back to that short discussion about scarcity vs. sufficiency mentalities. Twists states that when we have a scarcity mentality, it causes us to become selfish, fearful and anxious (not living in alignment with our soul!). However, when we live with a sufficiency mentality, we are confident in knowing we have exactly what we need and that there is enough to go around. This makes us more generous, kind, and at peace, which is in alignment with our soul and is a source of joy!

In recent months, in our home, we’ve been trying to be more conscious of the products we buy, how they affect the environment, and the practices of the companies they come from. While this isn’t always the most economical, it feels like the right thing to do, which I believe, helps me to express who I am – someone who cares about others and our world. It brings me joy to know we are able to use what resources we have to support companies that have beneficial practices for it’s workers, and for the environment. There’s some joy being sparked in something as simple as shopping for chocolate (aside from the joy chocolate can bring…). 

I invite you to take a look at the roll that money plays in your life. Are there places where it is a source of joy? Leave a comment below, or on Facebook, to inspire us!

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