The Joy of Childhood Dreams

When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, you would have gotten a lot of different answers: an astronaut, a singer, a doctor, a lawyer, a veterinarian, a writer, and the first female baseball player. These didn’t really pan out because I didn’t take into account the fact that I am claustrophobic-ish (no little space ship for me), I can’t even think about blood without curling into the fetal position to hide (there goes being a doctor) and I am a people-pleaser (not so great for practicing law).

I obviously wasn’t one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to be from a very early age, and then went and worked in that profession. I wanted to do whatever was of interest to me at the time, or whatever I thought would be “cool” to do.

Thinking about it though, maybe I did actually have an idea of what I wanted to do. Maybe I was telling myself, even back then, that I wanted to do lots of different things and that one profession for my whole adult life was just not for me. That explains a lot! I believe that’s what I’m “supposed” to do in life…. be lots of different things. 


Now is my chance to help to “organize the world” (as KonMari) puts it, and help people to surround themselves with the things that bring them joy. Doing this brings me lots of joy too!


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