The Joy of a Thrill Seeking Buddy

I love amusement parks. Free-falls, roller coasters, you name it, I’m there. Or at least I used to be. It seems I have reached the age where although I LOVE a thrill, my body no longer does. Before I was pregnant with my son, I used to take my oldest nephews on an annual trip to Dorney Park. The last time we went, I remember thinking after the last coaster ride of the day that I didn’t think I could handle the rides anymore. This was totally confirmed last year when I took my son on a carousel, after not having been on one for years, and I stumbled around for a good 10 minutes after I got off.  It was the end of an era, and I finally understood why neither of my parents would ride Space Mountain with me when we visited Disney as a kid.

Although I miss my thrill seeking days, I find joy in raising what I hope will be a new generation of thrill seekers. We recently took a trip to Sesame Place. While this might not be the place you think of for thrill seeking, it’s pretty awesome when you’re under 3 OR you can’t take real amusement parks anymore. It was really cute to see my son loving the high flying and fast spinning rides, and getting to join him on some. 

We all had something to enjoy that day. I rode the teacups. Daddy and son rode the Flying Fish. The only thing I couldn’t get anyone to ride with me was “Blast Off” which is like a mini-free fall ride. My husband hates heights, and the little guy changed his mind last minute when it was our turn to board. 

Who knows, maybe by the time my little ones are big enough to ride “real” roller coasters (or just the Oscar’s Taxi coaster at Sesame Place), I’ll feel daring enough to take my chances and ride alongside with them. They just might have to wait a half hour for mommy to recover between rides…

2 thoughts on “The Joy of a Thrill Seeking Buddy

  1. Don’t Do It!! Yikes I hate rides, always have. Aunt Gracie tried her best to get me on a roller coaster. I got on but as soon as the guy came to check to be sure we were secure and gave the ok to start the ride i heard the first rickety screech and i started screaming so much the guy stopped the ride and said she cant go on!
    I still remember that guy.She also got me to the top of the line to board the spinning wheel where the floor dropped and gravity held you on… but seeing people come off i fought my way through the crowd that was boarding. so glad i did
    Because gracie and our friend jim came off the ride green and puked, and while doing so she said “oh God” good thing you didnt go on! Now Mia goes on rides but i was not there when her mother put her on some ride that went up and then dropped i would never have let her go on
    Mia said her throat and her heart hurt
    On that ride which to me means her heart was in her throat when it dropped.
    I just go along for the ride and hold
    Pocketbooks and phones while my feet are planted firmly on the ground.

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