Our Unstoppable Lady

I was thinking tonight about how I’ve written a bit about our little man in the house, but that our unstoppable lady hasn’t been the focus of a post yet. 

As you may know from my previous post Finding Joy in the Pain of Labor, our little lady has rightfully earned the nickname “unstoppable” from the beginning. She was born on HER terms – in a mere 3 hours she practically came flying into the world.

She’ll soon be a year old and she’s changed and grown so much it’s hard to remember what it was like before she was toddling around and had no teeth poking out.

Our little miss has been pulling herself up and cruising along for 3 months now. I am totally convinced that once she’s comfortable enough to let go of the furniture, she’s not going to walk around the house, but rather run around, leaving us all in the dust. The amazing thing is that although she clings to the furniture to walk, she has no fear climbing the kiddie chairs to get up on the couch, or stand and angrily fling her arms around when I take something she shouldn’t have.

Food-wise, she seems to be a bit picky right now. Currently, her foods of choice are paper and shoes. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I DO NOT offer her paper and shoes as food choices. I try to give her fruits and veggies, which are full of fiber, but apparently, she’s rather get her fiber from whatever plain white paper has been left within arms reach. I tried to tell her that if she’s going to eat paper, it should at least be whole wheat AND organic, but she insists it doesn’t taste as good. (At least that’s how I am interpreting her baby talk). As for the shoes, if someone forgets to put them away and they are in sight, they will be grabbed. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often.


What I find most entertaining about her is how she reacts to people now. Most of the time, if she sees someone she doesn’t know, like in the elevator, she will stare them down. They can talk to her, smile, whatever, she just stares at them, never breaking eye contact, completely dead-pan. 

Then there’s her brother. They are so adorable together. He is always hugging her and telling her he loves her. He even reaches for her at night in his sleep to hold onto her.

She is just as sweet with him. She jumps and laughs and smiles when she sees him after school. She wants to be involved in whatever he happens to be playing with. However, while the little guy hugs her at night, if she wakes up and sees him asleep, she will pound on his face with her fist giggling, “DaDaDa,” and when she’s pulled away, she runs right back attempting to get in a few more bops.

There’s so much joy in this little person and as her personality unfolds she lights up our days more and more. It’s hard to remember what life was like without her! Here’s to another year of being an unstoppable little lady!

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