Get Out and VOTE (With JOY!)

Tomorrow is Election Day folks! I know you’ve heard it a million times, but EVERY VOTE COUNTS – especially in these mid-term elections. So please, please, please make time to get to the polls and vote. Here is some important info to help you make informed decisions tomorrow (at least in NYC):


Here is the link to finding your polling place in NYC and all of your district numbers which you can use to find out who is running in your district in the following link.


Here is the link to who is running (use your district numbers to find your candidtates):

Ballot Proposals

Finally, there are 3 ballot proposals again this year – these are about Campaign Finance, creating a Civic Engagement Commission and changing how Community Boards are run. You can read more about them here, be sure to click on the link for each proposal there is lots of good information outlining why or why not to vote for each:


Getting to the Polls

I’ve seen that Lyft, Uber, Lime bikes, and Citi Bike are offering free or discounted rides to the polls tomorrow. 



Lime Bikes:

Citi Bike:


Staten Island and South Brooklyn

I am going to add a little plug here for my Staten Island/South Brooklyn folks – Max Rose is an army vet who is running to represent us in the House. He’s looking out for the issues that are important to Staten Island and Brooklyn (like easing traffic, tax reform, affordable healthcare, and bringing funds to our district to build infrastructure). He is not afraid to get out and talk to the folks in the district –  Louis and I have actually met him a number of times, just out and about.  Here is some info on his stance on the issues:


Now Go Vote!

Which ever way you may vote, get out there and let your voice be heard! 

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