As many of you already know, my husband, Louis wrote a children’s book. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about who we are, as people, deep down inside, and how no matter what we look like, we’re all the same. Sure, you might think I’m biased, and perhaps I am (and should be!), but I have yet to see someone who has actually read the book not have an emotional reaction to it.

That being said, there will always be critics, we all know this. You can do the greatest job, and there will always be that person in the background who is like “yeah, everyone might think you’re great, but I heard you fart in the hallway…” Meanwhile, this person hasn’t left his chair to put his neck out there to even think about what you’ve done because he’s too busy clenching his butt cheeks. Apparently, his mom never taught him the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” lesson.

Which brings me to my topic for today – criticism – where is the joy in it when it’s directed at you (or someone you love) and how do you keep the icky, mucky, energy that comes with it from sticking to you?

I’ll get to the joy part in a second. The more pressing part for me is how to keep that ickiness away… My solution? Focus on the positive. Yes, it’s hard to stay positive when someone poops on your parade, but as they say, what you focus on multiplies, so focus on the positive! No one needs more poop in their parades (especially if there are horses involved).

Now, where is the joy in that criticism? Here’s my joy – after hearing some thoughts on his video, I got to reflect on who my hubby is and how proud I am of him. While his video is not perfect, it is a great reflection of who he is – serious about changing the world, helping make people’s lives better and a great champion of causes – plus he has a ridiculous side – one that may involve a banana costume.

Let me tell you, it brings him SO MUCH JOY, it’s crazy. I think if he could wear it out every day, he would. And this is why I married him (not for the banana suit) – because he has made my life (and my kids lives) an adventure, and he will continue to do so regardless of what happens with his book.

Now you all have homework to do, and if you’ve never done any of my other assignments, I sincerely ask you to do this one (it’s multi-step, so get ready):

  1. Send my hubby a word of encouragement. He’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, choose the platform you’re most comfortable with.
  2. Think of someone you have recently criticized either out loud or mentally and think of 1 (or more) good things about him/her.
  3. Consider pre-ordering the book if you haven’t already, and please share this link to his Kickstarter project.

And let me finish off by saying THANK YOU to all of you lovely people who have either pre-ordered, donated, shared the link, or simply sent positive thoughts our way. We love you!!




2 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Criticism

  1. Dear Niece,
    I am going to send you a donation via mail.I am excited about the book.
    I shared it on my FB page. I want 2 copies.One for Mia ( signed please)
    And one for Mia’s prek 4 class in sept. I am sure the book sends a great message. I know louis is a great guy, I know this because I know you and he married you.
    So in my BOOK.. he’s top banana !

    As far as criticism: Everybody’s a critic. Everyone has an opinion I guess and that’s fine. There’s a song I always remember with the lyrics
    “You can’t please everyone so you’ve
    Got to please yourself”.
    Put the negative aside and focus on the positive. Great Idea!
    Hey Maybe louis will be the new
    Mr. Rogers… ( gotta get him a sweater and sneakers)
    Love Ya!!!

    1. Thank you, that is awesome!! The book will be printed and ready in November, and we’ll get them to everyone before Christmas.
      As for Mr. Rogers, he already has the sweater (he wore them to school just about every day this winter), I don’t think he changed his shoes everyday though. 😉

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