Peace Is… Acceptance

I was having a “moment” this morning while I was washing the dishes. It was one of those moments where my thoughts start to spiral about all the things I’m unhappy about. One grumpy thought led to another, which led to another, and another, and that led to a really lousy thought – “You should’t feel this way, you’re so lucky to have what you have.” Well, that was NOT helpful, thank you, brain!

Right after that, a different thought came – “You’re angry, annoyed and you feel unappreciated. That’s how you feel right now, and that’s ok.” The agitation and tingling that was going on in my nervous system suddenly stopped. The anger/annoyance/grumpiness stopped, and there was PEACE.

What do I mean by peace? In this case, there was an absence of conflict between how I felt, and how I thought I SHOULD feel. I just stated how I felt. There was no judgement, just acknowledgment. With that acknowledgement came acceptance. When I say acceptance, I don’t mean I was happy about how I felt, or resigned that things wouldn’t change, what I mean is, I wasn’t denying my reality anymore. I was accepting how I truly felt at that moment, and that gave me peace, and a sense of freedom. I wasn’t being held captive by the “shoulds” anymore, I was acknowledging and accepting what is. Without that conflict, I am now able to address the things that were bothering me in a rational, thoughtful and peaceful way.

I hope you see that however you’re feeling right now is okay! If you’re feeling sad, it’s okay! If you’re grouchy, that’s okay too!. If you’re happy, more power to you! Sometimes this guilty feeling tries to sneak in when I acknowledge that I am really happy, because there are so many other people who are suffering. The thing I remind myself is, my happiness is helping the world heal. My happiness is “raising the vibration” of the world, as they say – happiness, like all other emotions is contagious! So if you’re happy be happy!

A little action for you: think of a recent moment where, looking back, acknowledging and accepting how you really felt would have made the situation much simpler and more peaceful! If you’re feeling so inclined, share it with us in the comments below!

With gratitude,

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